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Jacksonville Equestrian Center Weather Alert


Important Weather Emergency Information:
TROPICAL STORM ANDREA UPDATE: JUNE 6, 2013 – The Equestrian Center is currently taking reservations for people with horses in a flood zone. Please call 904-573-3150 or after hours at 904-487-6315.

During local weather emergencies, Duval County Residents should have a personal evacuation plan. The Equestrian Center will not serve as an evacuation site unless deemed so by the Mayor.
At all other times, normal fees will apply.

For more information on emergency preparedness, please visit floridahorse.com.

Jacksonville Equestrian Center Non-Event Layover Policy
The Jacksonville Equestrian will accept layovers as a service to the industry based on availability. Reservations are required and can be made via phone with a credit card. This accommodation applies only for layovers of five days or less, as the facility does not have amenities for long term boarding. Visitors are welcome to use the trails surrounding the facilities. There are no paddocks for turn out available on site. The facility can provide the names of local boarding stables if you are in need of these services.

Should your reservation be accepted the following policies apply:

– Prior to entry, a current coggins must be provided to the facility for each horse. A release form will be provided via electronic format when the reservation made and must be presented in completed form to security upon arrival. Upon departure, your credit card will be run by facility staff.

– Stalls will be billed at $31.00 for the first night (includes 2 bags of shavings) and $15 per night thereafter.

– RV spaces if requested will be billed at $32 per night

– Only one horse will be allowed per stall

– Stalls will be assigned by the facility and will be unlocked upon entry

– Shavings are available for sale during business hours. Owners are also welcome to bring in their own shavings beyond the initial two required.

– Use of the outdoor arenas will be at the discretion of the facility management

– Owners are fully responsible for the care and custody of their animals.

The following numbers should be used to reach Equestrian Center Staff:
During Business Hours: 904-573-3150 or 904-573-4880

After Business Hours: 904-472-7477 or 904-534-2531 or 904-487-6315

Venue: Jacksonville Equestrian Center
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Event Date: Jun 06, 2013