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Jacksonville Icemen 2017-2018 Full Schedule

May 16, 2017 2:18 pm


The Jacksonville IceMen begin their 72 game Inaugural ECHL season on Saturday, October 14th at 7:30 p.m. against the Orlando Solar Bears at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. The IceMen schedule is designed perfectly for families with 11 games on Friday and 11 games on Saturday, as well as three Sunday matinees.  In addition, the IceMen play one game on Tuesday, 6 games on Wednesday including the night before Thanksgiving, and 4 games on Thursday.  All games start at 7:30 p.m., except Sunday matinees which begin at 3 p.m.

“We thank the City of Jacksonville and SMG, in cooperating with us to be able to construct a schedule that caters to our family crowd,” explained Bob Ohrablo, IceMen President.  “I know our entire organization and the thousands who have already become IceMen fans look towards October 14th when together we welcome a new legacy of Jacksonville pro hockey!”

The South Division rivalries will be intense as Jacksonville plays intrastate rivals, the Orlando Solar Bears 9 times (5 games at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena) and the Florida Everblades 13 times (6 games at home).   Jacksonville will also host the South Carolina Stingrays, Greenville Swamp Rabbits, Atlanta Gladiators, Norfolk Admirals, Reading (PA) Royals, Allen (TX) Americans, and the Brampton (Ontario) Beast.

The longest home stand begins on Wednesday, January 24th vs.  South Carolina and concludes on Sunday, Feb 11th against the Allen Americans (9 of 10 games at home).  The longest the IceMen will spend on the road is five games (November 4th at Greenville and ending November 11th at Reading (PA).

Full and partial season memberships are on sale at www.jacksonvilleicemen.com. Discounted tickets are available for groups of 10 or more.  For more information please contact us at 904-602-7825.  Single game tickets will go on sale in the middle of September. Date to be determined.

All the latest Jacksonville IceMen news will be available at jacksonvilleicemen.com


Jacksonville Icemen 2017-2018 Full Schedule


14        SAT                 vs. ORLANDO                       7:30pm

21        SAT                 vs. SOUTH CAROLINA      7:30pm

26        THURS           vs. ATLANTA                       7:30pm



4        Sat                   at Greenville                          7:00pm

5        Sun                  at South Carolina                 3:05pm

8        Wed                at Brampton                          7:15pm

10        Fri                    at Manchester                      6:00pm

11        Sat                   at Reading                              4:00pm

15        WED               vs. SOUTH CAROLINA      10:30am*

17        FRI                  vs. FLORIDA                         7:30pm

18        Sat                   at Florida                               7:00pm

21        Tues                 at Orlando                             7:00pm

22        WED               vs. ORLANDO                      7:30pm

24        FRI                  vs. ATLANTA                       7:30pm

26        Sun                  at  Atlanta                             2:05pm

28        TUES              vs. ORLANDO                     7:30pm

30        THURS           vs. NORFOLK                     7:30pm



2        SAT                 vs. NORFOLK                       7:30pm

6        Wed                at Atlanta                               7:05pm

8        Fri                    at Florida                              7:30pm

9        Sat                   at Florida                               7:00pm

13        WED               vs. MANCHESTER              7:30pm

16        SAT                 vs. GREENVILLE                 7:30pm

20        Wed                at Florida                               7:30pm

21        Thurs               vs. ATLANTA                       7:30pm

22        Fri                    at Greenville                         7:00pm

27        Wed                at Orlando                              7:00pm

29        Fri                    at Norfolk                              7:00pm

30        Sat                   at Norfolk                              7:00pm



3       WED               vs. ATLANTA                        7:30pm

5       FRI                  vs. ORLANDO                      7:30pm

6       SAT                 vs. ORLANDO                      7:30pm

7       Fri                    at Orlando                            7:00pm

10      WED               vs. GREENVILLE               7:30pm

12      Fri                    at Florida                              7:30pm

13      SAT                 vs. FLORIDA                        7:30pm

14      Sun                  at South Carolina                3:05pm

19      Fri                    at Worcester                         7:05pm

20      Sat                   at Manchester                      6:00pm

21      Sun                  at Manchester                       3:00pm

24      WED               vs. SOUTH CAROLINA      7:30pm

26      FRI                  vs. GREENVILLE                7:30pm

27      SAT                 vs. GREENVILLE                7:30pm

28      SUN                vs. GREENVILLE                3:00pm



2      FRI                 vs. ATLANTA                        7:30pm

3      SAT                vs. SOUTH CAROLINA       7:30pm

6     Tues                 at Greenville                         7:00pm

9     FRI                 vs. ATLANTA                         7:30pm

10    SAT                vs. ATLANTA                         7:30pm

11     SUN               vs. ALLEN                           3:00pm

14      Wed               at Norfolk                           10:00am

16      Fri                   at South Carolina             7:05pm

17      Sat                  at South Carolina              7:05pm

19     Mon                at Norfolk                           2:00pm

23     FRI                 vs. NORFOLK                    7:30pm

24      Sat                  at Florida                            7:00pm

25     SUN               vs. BRAMPTON                 3:00pm

28     Wed               at Florida                             7:30pm



2     FRI                  vs. READING                        7:30pm

9     FRI                  vs. FLORIDA                         7:30pm

10     SAT                 vs. FLORIDA                         7:30pm

15     Thurs               at Atlanta                                7:05pm

17     Sat                   at Atlanta                                 7:05pm

18     Sun                  at Norfolk                               2:00pm

23     Fri                    at Greenville                          7:00pm

24     Sat                   at Greenville                           7:00pm

29     Thurs               at Orlando                              7:00pm

30     FRI                  vs. SOUTH CAROLINA       7:30pm

31     SAT                 vs. SOUTH CAROLINA        7:30pm



5      THURS           vs. FLORIDA                         7:30pm

6      FRI                  vs. FLORIDA                         7:30pm

7      Sat                   at Florida                                7:00pm



*School day game – date/time subject to change

All Subject to Change

All Times are EST

Games in CAPS are at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena