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Veterans Memorial Arena: A-Z Guide

(904) 630-3900


300 A. Philip Randolph Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32202

Alcoholic Beverages

Florida state law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21. Therefore, guests will be required to show proper identification and proof of age when buying alcoholic beverages. Please remember that it is illegal to drive under the influence of an intoxicant or to consume alcoholic beverages while driving.


Guide, sign, and signal dogs to aid guests with disabilities are the only animals permitted in the Arena. Whenever possible, please advise Arena staff of your planned attendance by calling (904) 630-3900.

Arena Advertising

With an audience as diverse as the events themselves, the new Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena offers a unique and exciting vehicle to strengthen corporate branding, marketing, and community-oriented initiatives. The Arena will customize packages to meet your specific goals and objectives with opportunities that include permanent signage, building real estate, and architectural features, in-Arena television network, hospitality and more. For more information, please call Alex Alston at (904) 630-4055 or send e-mail to Alex A@smgjax.com.

Arena Club

EverBank Arena Club Members receive the first right to purchase tickets for all public events at the Arena. In addition to the spectacular sightlines and comfortable seats, EverBank Arena Club Members receive access to first class services and amenities, including an exclusive bar and dining area. For more information, please contact the sales and marketing office at 904-630-3900 or email woxnard@smgjax.com.

Pre-Event Screening

Depending upon the nature of an event, or when considered necessary by Building Management and/or Lessee, a visual or full search will be conducted by Arena security. All guests and/or show personnel may be subject to search prior to entering the building. Guests or employees who are not willing to comply with search procedures prior to entering the facilities may return their tickets immediately to the Box Office for a refund.

Visual Search

A Visual search may consist of the following: the guest being asked to open any coats, bags or containers of any type. Security will visually scan all guests as they enter the facilities for contraband noted below. The guest will be asked to dispose the item(s) prior to entering the facilities. Guest may be detained if item(s) discovered is of an illegal nature.

Full Search

A Full search consists of the following: the guest being asked to open any coat, bag or container and also being physically patted down or screened with a metal detector. If contraband is detected, the guest will be asked to dispose of such item(s) prior to entering the building. Guest may be detained if the item(s) discovered is of an illegal nature.

Purses, diaper bags and other small personal bags are allowed, but will be inspected at all entrances. Guests with prohibited items will be turned away at entrances. No storage or “check in” area will be provided for such items.
Items confiscated at entry will not be returned.

The following items are not permitted inside the Arena:

  • Bags or boxes larger than 12 inches x 6 inches x 12 inches
  • Food or beverage (with the exception of those having a food allergy)
  • Cans, bottles, coolers or other similar containers
  • Video cameras or audio recorders (the permitted use of video equipment/cameras varies by event and is at the discretion of the promoter/producer)
  • Tablets or iPads
  • Drones or unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Laser pens or laser products
  • Helium filled balloons
  • Noise making devices (air horns, whistles etc.)
  • Children’s Car Seats/Infant Carriers (Strollers are permitted but must be check in at the Arena lobby)
  • Projectiles (including frisbees and beach balls)
  • Oversized signs (larger than 2’ x 3’) Approved signs are subject to building approval and must not obstruct the view of other guests
  • Stickers of any kind
  • Skateboards, skates (roller or in-line), scooters or hoverboards
  • Sticks, poles, selfie sticks, or Go Pro sticks
  • Illegal Weapons (knives, guns, explosive or any item that can be construed as an illegal weapon)
  • Illegal substances of any kind
  • Fireworks or any other incendiary device
  • Face masks/articles covering the face
  • Any other item deemed unacceptable by the JVMA Management

Arena management reserves the right to make the final determination on prohibited items. Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena is NOT responsible for items left behind, lost, stolen, or damaged. Possession of prohibited items will be grounds for ejection from the Arena.

Art in Public Places

The Art in Public Places Ordinance, passed by the City Council in 1997, allows for the dedication of three-quarters of one percent of construction and design costs of new or renovated public facilities be designated for the purchase of public art. The Art in Public Places Program is directed by the City’s appointed Public Art Commission, with administration and technical assistance provided by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville.

The Artist

Jaume Plensa of Barcelona, Spain was selected as the artist for the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. His large-scale outdoor work entitled “Talking Continents” is comprised of six fiberglass figures. Each figure kneels on a platform supported by a 30’ steel reinforced pole and the seated figures measure 6’. A circular wooden bench is fixed around each pole at ground level for seating purposes. The figures are positioned at key points around the plaza within sight of each other. Each figure is lit from the inside by a kinetic LED light which is programmed to regularly change color. A central device will control and order the changing of the lights in the figures.
Jaume Plensa’s statement on his project: “The Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena is a meeting place for people. “Talking Continents” is based on a desire to unite and complement the complex group of elements that make up the area. The seated figures are talking in colors. Their silent conversation is directed to us as a universal language of rhythms and colors and serve as a way to invite people to enjoy the area.”

Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing impaired guests may borrow assistive listening devices from one of the Guest Services Centers located on the main concourse near section 106 or the upper concourse near section 307. A valid driver’s license or major credit card will be requested as a deposit for the equipment.


In keeping with Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena’s status as a first class entertainment facility, guests entering the Arena must be properly attired including shoes and shirt. These items must be worn at all times in the Arena.

Costumes without face mask/articles covering the face are PERMITTED. Subject to search and Arena Management have the right of refusal if deemed inappropriate/distasteful in nature.


ATMs are conveniently located throughout the Arena.  ATMs can be found on the service level in the main entry lobby adjacent to the merchandise stand; on the main concourse near the guest services desk outside of section 106; on the main concourse near the passenger elevator outside of section 111; inside the EverBank Arena Club; and on the upper concourse near the guest services desk outside of section 307.

Banner/Sign Policy

No banners will be allowed in the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. Signs no larger than a standard piece of poster board (2’ x 3’) are allowed providing they are in good taste, as deemed by Arena management. Signs must not be commercial in nature or utilize wood, metal or other types of objects for support. They must not be hung or fastened anywhere in the building or displayed in any way that obstructs another guest’s view or blocks any Arena signage or markings.

Bus Drop-off

Buses can drop off passengers at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena on the north side of the building on Duval Street. Event parking staff and traffic police will control this drop-off area and direct buses to the designated parking area.

Cab Pickup

After most events, guests will find taxi cabs available on the corner of Duval St. and A. Philip Randolph Blvd. Or call Checker Cab at (904) 345-3333.

Camera Policy

The permitted use of cameras varies by event and is at the discretion of the promoter/producer. However, cameras with lenses longer than 6 inches, professional lenses, detachable lenses or detachable flashes are prohibited from the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. Use of video cameras, audio recording devices and digital cameras in video mode is strictly prohibited in the Arena. The use of any of these items will result in confiscation and possible ejection from the Arena. These are general rules and can be overridden based on a specific request from the attraction or promoter.


Catering is provided by Savor…Jacksonville. For more information please call Lindsey Tucker, Catering Sales Manager at 904-854-0894.


Guests wishing to make a comment or suggestion about the Arena, an employee, or an event are encouraged to stop by the nearest Guest Services Center and complete a Guest Comment Card. Alternatively, you may call the Arena at (904) 630-3900 or send us e-mail at comments@jaxevents.com.

Concessions Stands

Arena concessions are operated by Savor…Jacksonville and are located throughout the Arena on all four levels. For more information please call (904) 630-3900.

Diaper Changing Stations

All public restrooms are equipped with diaper changing stations for the convenience of our guests.


Please see our Directions page for detailed information.

Doors Opening

Doors to events at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena open 1 hour prior to the start of the event. This time may vary due to the request by each particular show. As a general rule, most shows adhere to the 1-hour rule.


There are four passenger elevators to serve guests to the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. Two elevators are located in the Main Entrance (northeast corner), and one each in the southeast corner and Duval Street Entrance (northwest corner). All elevators may not be in use for all events. Please check with the nearest Event Staff member if you have any questions.

Emergency Phone Calls

For emergency contact during all events, please use the message system located at any Guest Services Center. Guests can stop by this Center before an event to register their seat number in case of an emergency call. If an emergency call is received, an Event Staff member will be dispatched to that seat with the message. Public address announcements or scoreboard messaging is not permitted. Emergency Phone Call Number: (904) 630-3900.


Escalators from the Street (Entry) Level to the Main Concourse are located on the north and south sides of the Main Entrance Lobby as well as at the Duval Street Entrance. Additionally, escalators to access the Suite Level and Upper Concourse from the Main Concourse are located near the northeast elevators. Please refer to the concourse maps for exact locations.

Executive Suites

Located only 24 rows above the event floor, the luxurious suites at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, offer spectacular sight lines in the comfort of a private suite. Direct access to the suite level is available through a private entrance. Each of the Arena’s 28 suites is fully furnished with comfortable seating, a color television, refrigerator, storage cabinets and more. Other amenities include VIP parking, personal concierge service, in-suite catering and access to exclusive bar and dining areas. To reserve your Executive Suite or for more information, please call 904-630-3900 or email woxnard@smgjax.com.

Exit Stairs

When exiting the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, guests may use the stair towers located in the four corners of the building on each level.

Fallen Officers Memorial Wall

The Fallen Officers Memorial Wall is located on the plaza of Veterans Memorial Arena. The Fallen Officers Memorial Wall originated as a Boy Scout of America Eagle Project.  In 2014, Boy Scout Adam Resch was looking for a community project to satisfy his Eagle Scout requirement.  His father, James “Shannon” Padilla was an active duty police officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and suggested he build a memorial for the police officers who have died in the line of duty.  Together they came out with the design and Adam became the face of the project.

The elements of the wall are significant and have the following components:

The Thin Blue Line emblem is going to be incorporated into the memorial because of its deep meaning in law enforcement. The blue signifies the officer’s courage; the black lines are a constant reminder of our fallen officers; and the line represents all that the police protect. Together the emblem is the brotherhood of the police.

The emblem will be in a circular design. The purpose of this is so that you must cross the line of protection to be a part of the memorial. In addition, a circle has not beginning and no end, signifying the never ending devotion of those on the memorialized.

The wall will be a height of nine feet, the largeness of the memorial shall signify the amount of courage it took the fallen officers to put their life on the line to protect others.

Family Restrooms

Guests with children or disabled guests with companions may wish to use the Family Restrooms that are located throughout the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena on each level.

First Aid

First Aid personnel can be found near the Guest Services Centers on theMain and Upper Concourses. If you are in need of medical attention, please contact the nearest Event Staff member to contact First Aid.

Guest Accessibility

Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena is an ADA Compliant facility.

  • Designated disabled and van parking areas are located in Lot Z on the north side of the building accessible from either A. Philip Randolph Blvd or Palmetto Street. Additional disabled parking is available in all lots throughout the Sports Complex.
  • Designated drop-off points are located at the corners of A. Philip Randolph Blvd.and Duval Street & Adams Street.
  • Guest in wheelchairs should enter the building at the Main Entrance off A. Philip Randolph Boulevard.
  • To order accessible tickets, please contact Ticketmaster at (904) 353-3309 or the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena Box Office at (904) 630-3900. If you require visual impaired seating please call the JVMA at (904) 630-3900 prior to the event going on-sale.
  • Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena provides wheelchair guests designated seating areas with one companion. If your party is larger, the JVMA Box Office will make every effort to seat the other members of your party in a nearby location.
  • All amenities are ADA accessible, including the Box Office, concessions stands, telephones, and ATM machines.
  • Designated restrooms that accommodate disabled and wheelchair guests are available throughout Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.
  • Assistive Listening Devices are available upon request. See Assistive Listening Devices for additional information. For those guests requiring an hearing impaired interpreter, please provide at least a two-week notice in advance to the event.
Guest Conduct

The following behavior or activities are grounds for eviction from the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena:

  • Use of profanity or unacceptable language of any type.
  • Possession of illegal or unauthorized items inside the Arena.
  • Unacceptable or indecent dress.
  • Damaging or the intent to damage property of the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.
  • Failure to obey or follow Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena smoking policies.
  • Use of illegal substances or drugs; Public drunkenness.
  • Entering or attempting to enter any “off limits” areas such as hockey ice, stage area, backstage or restroom of the opposite sex.
  • Participating in a fight.
  • Verbally abusing, threatening or intimidating other guests or Arena employees.
  • The throwing of any objects or projectiles in seating areas, on stage, on the ice surface or any other areas.

Guests who fail to abide by Arena policies, state and federal law are subject to ejection from the facility. Any guest who is violating Arena policy will be asked to correct their behavior and, if they fail to do so in a timely fashion, will be ejected. Individuals who have been ejected must vacate Arena property or be subject to arrest on trespassing charges.

Guest Services Center

The Guest Services Centers are located on both the main and upper concourses and operate from the time doors open until the conclusion of the event. The personnel manning these centers are available to answer any questions about the facility, upcoming events, and available services. Guests may also register their seat location at one of these centers if they anticipate any emergency phone calls. If you wish to register a complaint or compliment about an Event Staff member, please note the member’s name or shirt number and stop by one of the Guest Services Centers to complete a Guest Comment Card. Guest Services Centers are in the following locations:

Main Concourse:

Northeast corner outside Section 106 (near top of north escalator)

Upper Concourse:

Northeast corner outside Section 307 (near top of escalator)


Interpreters must be requested in advance, at least 2 weeks prior to the event for which they are needed.

Lost and Found Items

Lost and found items should be taken to the nearest Guest Services Center. After each event, all items collected will be taken to the Main Security Office. To locate a lost item, please call (904) 630-3900. Items not claimed after 60 days will be donated to local charities or otherwise disposed of at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena management’s sole discretion.

Lost Children

Lost children will be taken to the nearest Guest Services Center. Guests looking for their lost child should report directly to the nearest Guest Services Center or Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena staff member for assistance.

Media Entrance

On event days, all media should check-in and enter the Arena through the Sales & Marketing Office adjacent to the Main Arena Entrance off of A. Philip Randolph Blvd. The event promoter will issue all media credentials and set policies for photographer access and shooting. A representative of Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena management must be present whenever still or video photography is allowed inside the Arena.

Meeting Space

Limited amounts of private function areas located throughout the Arena are available to serve groups of various sizes. Rooms are available for rent and are booked on a first come, first served basis. For booking function spaces, please contact the Arena Sales and Marketing office at (904) 630-3900.

On-Site Vending

Non-licensed vending on Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena property, including the resale of event tickets is prohibited. Arena management will not permit vending, soliciting, collecting contributions for any purpose whatsoever or distributing of handbills on the premises.


There will be no paging of guests on the scoreboard, message boards, or public address system. Please see Emergency Phone Calls for additional information.


Unauthorized retail, commercial, marketing and promotional activities are strictly prohibited inside parking lots and tailgating areas without prior written approval (and proof of certification in the manner of a sticker, etc.) from the City of Jacksonville. All violators will be escorted off the premises by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. These regulations are applicable in parking lots owned and/or leased by the City of Jacksonville and managed by SMG.

Pay Phones

Phones can be found in the following locations:
Main Concourse outside Sections 101 and 112.
Upper Concourse at Section 301.

Portable Sanitation Services

For Portable Sanitation Services please click here
* Portable Toilets
* Portable Showers
* Restroom Trailers
* Portable Sinks
* RV Pumping

Protest Areas

A designated free speech area is provided for those persons or groups wishing to exercise their First Amendment rights. This area is located directly across from the northeast corner of the Arena at the corner of Duval Street and A. Philip Randolph Blvd.

Re-Entry Policy

Exiting and re-entering the building with the same ticket is not permitted. Exceptions are only made in the case of medical situations and emergencies. Guests with medical emergencies or other emergencies who want to leave and then return to the building should be directed to the Security Personnel at each entry point. The ticket for the event must be produced and then scanned out for exit.


The Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena has 44 restrooms, with 16 for men and 18 for women, located throughout the concourses. All restrooms include diaper-changing tables and are ADA accessible. Additionally, 10 Family Restrooms are available for use.

Smoking Policy

In compliance with the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act, JVMA is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is not allowed in public areas of the Arena by any guest or employee. This applies to dressing rooms, production offices(s), and backstage areas. There are, however, seven designated smoking areas located on Exterior Terraces. These locations are: Main concourse near sections 119-120, 103, & 114; suite level adjacent to suite 208 & 226; and on the upper concourse near section 303-304. Anyone observed smoking inside the facility will be asked to extinguish the item immediately. Any person who refuses to comply with the policy, after the appropriate warning, shall be subject to ejection from the facility.

Sports Hall of Fame

The Jacksonville Sports Hall of Fame, located in the Main Entrance lobby, will serve as home to three testaments of Jacksonville’s rich athletic history. Over 1,000 square feet of display space will be dedicated to preserving the past and the telling of the story of the annual Florida – Georgia Classic, The Toyota Gator Bowl and the Jacksonville Sports Hall of Fame. Various memorabilia from past games, historic ballparks, champion athletes, and local sports contributors will be featured. Space will also be allocated for recent local sports achievements and various aspects of sports on the First Coast.

Ticket Information
  • Box Office Hours
    The Tom Bush Family of Dealerships Box Office at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena hours are Monday – Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm. The box office will also be open at the time of ticket on-sales and will remain open three hours after. Hours are subject to change on event days.
  • Cancellations
    When a concert or event has been cancelled, return the tickets to the place of purchase for a full refund. Contact the Veterans Memorial Arena at 904-630-3900 with any questions.
  • Charity Ticket Requests
    Interested organizations must provide a letter on official letterhead to the Sales & Marketing Department with a specific show request. Donation requests should be forwarded to the Sales & Marketing Department at300 A. Philip Randolph Boulevard,Jacksonville,Florida,32202. Not all requests can be filled, however, group discounts are available in certain cases.
  • Children’s Entry Policy
    Most events do not require a ticket for children under the age of two. However, in order for a child to have his or her own seat, a ticket is required. Some shows intended for young children do require children over the age of one to have a ticket. Please call in advance to verify the policy for a specific event.
  • Duplicate Tickets
    If duplicate tickets (two or more guests holding tickets to the same seat for the same event) are presented, immediately contact an Event Staff member or proceed to the nearest Guest Services Center or the Arena Box Office for assistance.
  • Group Sales
    Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena provides group ticket sales for most events and offers discounts for groups on specified shows throughout the year. For your convenience you may call (904) 630-3900 to place an order or get answers to any questions you might have.
  • Lost or Stolen Tickets
    Lost or stolen tickets purchased at the Arena Box Office may be reported to the Box Office. Lost or stolen tickets purchased through Ticketmaster must be reported directly to Ticketmaster.
    Anyone found to be in possession of tickets that have been reported lost or stolen will be denied entry at the doors and are subject to questioning, removal from the Arena, and possible arrest.
  • Revocable License
    Tickets for entry to the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena are a revocable license and entry may be refused due to inappropriate attire, disorderly conduct, intoxication, etc. Guests who fail to abide by Arena policies, state or federal laws are subject to ejection and arrest.
  • Scalping
    Arena Management strongly discourages guests from purchasing tickets from third party sellers other than Ticketmaster. Stolen, counterfeit, and other invalid tickets will not be honored and refunds will not be issued.
  • Will Call
    Pre-paid reservations and other tickets can be picked up with proper photo I.D. at the Box Office Will Call windows on the northeast corner of the building, facing Duval Street. This can be done on the day of the event up to 90-minutes prior to the start of the event.
Underage Drinking, Possession of Alcoholic Beverages

All guests in the building, who are identified as being under the age of 21 and in possession of alcohol, will be subject to ejection and/or arrest. Parents or guardians will be notified for proper advisement.

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